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5-Month Certification Course in Psychology
of Consciousness with Emphasis in

Revolutionary "Flip Learning Educational Method" - a combination of video-classes and one-on-one online coaching sessions --

Available Worldwide


"I took this course in Psychology of Consciousness with Gian, and it is PHENOMENAL - absolutely one of the best courses I've ever taken. In fact, it was so good that I took the entire course again, and I almost never do that! Brent Phillips


What is Psychology of Consciouness?

Psychology of Consciousness is an advanced and practical form of Spiritual Psychology. It is extremely effective at triggering Awakening, and this usually attained during the first two or three classes. Later, gradually, the Embodiment of the Awakening leads to Liberation. Awakening is an event and Liberation requires a process. The course helps the student to Awaken to their True Nature and become firmly established in their path to Liberation. Additionally, it prepares the student to teach others how to free
themselves from suffering too.


Flip Learning Educational Method

BOHI's cutting edge Flip Learning Educational Method offers unparalleled flexibility. The student attends classes and one-on-one coaching sessions anytime, anywhere in the world from the comfort of their home!


Certification Program

This Course Leads to a Certification in
Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in Non-Duality and it is
applicable to BOHI's final Master Certification in Holistic Life Coaching.

Certificate of Completion Please Click Here


Gian Girardi, BOHI's Founder


From a Graduate Student about the
Teacher of this Course

Gian is a professional teacher. I have found his private sessions, meditations, and classes a work of art. My time with Gian has been life-changing not only from a physical standpoint, but mentally and spiritually as well. I signed up for a brain/body nutritional class with Gian back in 2009; wow! How that improved my life from a physical standpoint. Then I attended some meditation sessions that Gian held on the weekends and again, what a spiritual revelation! Since then I have continued seeing Gian for private sessions, and again, what insights have come! Gian is not only a wise man, but his teaching style is outstanding and his compassion and intuition are life changers! -- Mark


For more testimonials about this course, please click here


Access to Information about this Course

All information needed
can be found by scrolling down this page.


A Vocational Certification Course, also Well Suited for Personal and Transpersonal Development

This course is designed to fulfill the vocational needs of practitioners wanting to work in the field of Psychology of Consciousness and/or Non-Duality. It is well suited also for those desiring to attain personal and
transpersonal development -- Awakening and eventually Liberation.


Three Formats to Choose from

5-Month Format: 5-month certification course, flip learning
method -- a uniquely effective combination of video classes and one-on-one coaching sessions
This format consists of a 3-hour video-class and 1-hour coaching session every week for 21 weeks. It requires to pay the tuition during the five months period, or upfront (usually with a discount.)

10-Month Format: 10-month certification course, flip learning
method -- an effective combination of video classes and one-on-one coaching sessions
. A 3-hour video-class and 1-hour coaching
session every other week for 42 weeks. It requires to pay the tuition during the ten months period, or upfront (usually with a discount.)

21-Month Format:
To accomodate students with less time available or a restricted budget, we offer a 21-month format.
A 3-hour video-class and 1-hour coaching session every month for 21 months. In this format the total tuition price does not change, but the monthly tuition payment
is reduced to $200.00.

Location: Online Worldwide on WhatsApp, Skype or phone.

Deadline to Enroll: Enrolling all year round; limited only to teacher's time availability. Please write at Gian###@&&&BrainOptimization.com
Kindly remove the # and & characters from the email address. They are there only to prevent robots from capturing our email and using it for spamming purposes.



"All healing comes from the universal Consciousness Itself"

"Suffering is not unavoidable.
Wake up to your True Self as Consciousness and soon
you will agree with me."

"If we haven't found what we really are, we can't expect to be happy."

Gian Girardi, BOI founder


How BOHI's One-On-One, Flip-Learning Method Works

1- The student watches a 2 1/2 to 3-hour video-class and write down notes, as well as questions for the up-coming one-on-one coaching session.

2- At the end of the video class he/she answers a quiz consisting of 21 true / false question, and sends it to his/her coach via email. The coach may look into his/her student's answers, but quizzes and students at BOHI are not graded. The right answers, and the rationell behind those answers, will be presented at the beginning of the next video-class.

3- The student meets with his/her coach, for a one hour, one-on-one coaching session, on Skype, phone or in-person.

4- At the end of the coaching session the student receives an email containing links to access the next video-class. He or she and their coach, schedule their next one-on-one coaching session. The process repeats 21 times until the whole course is completed.

5- The student writes a final three pages disertation on a subject of their choice. Completion of this last step allows him or her to graduate and receive their certificate of completion


Dates and Class Schedule

BOHI's Flip Learning Method, allows our students to enroll anytime they desire to do so, conditioned only to our teachers' time availability.
Please write us at Gian###@&&&BrainOptimization.com
Important Note:Kindly remove the # and & characters from the email address. They are there to prevent robots from capturing our email and using
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Time Commitment for the 10-Month Flip-Learning Format (recommended format)

Video Classes: Each video class is about 2 1/2 to 3 hours long. In this format the student will need to watch one class every other week.

Coaching Sessions One-on-One: Each coaching session is one hour long. In this 10-month format the student will have one coaching session every other week.

Homework: A commitment of about six to ten hours per month is required. The student can do more homework based on their time availability and enthusiasm. This time will be allocate to the following activities:

1- Completing a true / false quiz after each class
(not graded but mandated to become certified)

2- Reading books and written material recommended
by the teacher in the video-classes or by their coach. (optional)

3- Watching specific movies and documentaries (optional)

4- Doing research on any subject related to the course.

Total: The aproximate time commitment necessary to participate in the regular 10-month format, with classes every other week, is about 13 to 17 hours per month.

Other Formats

The 5-month format, with classes every week, requires
twice as many hours per month.

The slow pace 21-month format, with classes once a month, requires
approximately half the time of the 10-month format.

Commitment to apply the knowledge to one's own life: All BOHI courses aim at helping the student improve his or her life, so that later they know how to help others do likewise. Intellectual knowledge has value,
but is definitely not enough. The student is expected to apply the knowledge acquired through the course to their own life, and to share their personal experience with their coach.


Final Paper


At the end of this course a three-page paper is required in order to obtain the final certification. The student can choose any subject they found interesting or valuable during the course.



Tuition and Fees

Certification Course in Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in Non-Duality

10-Month Format with Classes Every Other Week: $400.00 at the enrollment and $400.00 per month, until the total tuition price of $4,000 is paid.

5-Month Format with Classes Every Week: $800 at the enrollment and $800.00 per month, until the total tuition price of $4,000 is paid.

21-Month Format with Classes Once a Month: $200.00 at the enrollment and $200 per month until the total tuition price of $4,000 is paid.

Upfront Payment: A 10%, $400.00 discount may be
available for upfront payment. Higher discounts are done periodically through our MailChimp Newsletter. Please contact us.

-- No upfront or hidden fees of any kind --

How to Pay Your Tuition: our Paypal account is jpgirardi&&&@###BrainOptimization.com Important Note:Kindly remove
the # and & characters from th
e email address. They are there only to prevent robots from capturing our email and using
it for spamming purposes.

You can also safely pay your Tuition at our
Online Student's Tuition Payment Center



Course Curriculum

I- Introductory Class -- Resting as "Your True Self" Leads to Awakening

01- What is Psychology of Consciousness?
02- What is Awakening really? Is Awakening a spiritual experience? Can it be attained without a spiritual experience? How the many misunderstandings around Awakening perpetuates suffering.
03- Understanding what Awakening can and can not give you.
04- Is awakening for me? Will Awakening be the end of suffering?
05- Will I disappear?
06- Is Awakening the end of the spiritual path?
07- What "embodiment" is really?
08- Can this course in Psychology of Consciousness give me Awakening?
09- Once I wake-up, will I be able to help others to wake-up too? Will I need to learn something specific?
10- How can I do good embodiment work after the Awakening? Is it really necessary? Is psychology of Consciousness effective to attain embodiment? Will I do embodiment work through this course? If I do not wake up, will the embodiment work be helpful or a waste of time?
11- What changes then before and after Awakening?
12- Will the "seeker" be "dead" or still "alive?" What does the "death of the seeker" really means?
13- Why there are so few awakened "beings" in this planet? How this could be solved?
14- How Awakening will impact my survival -- my making a living and my health?
15- How Awakening will impact my relationship with pain and pleasure and therefore with my little or big addictions?
16- How Awakening will impact my personality, self-concept, self-esteem, self-caring and self-confidence?
17- How Awakening will impact my relationships, including my romantic life
18- How Awakening will impact my creativity and the expresion of my vocation as a soul?
19- How Awakening will impact my search for the Truth or the Divine? How Awakening will help me to love unconditionally?
20- How can I know what is the best path for me to attain Awakening?
21- What is Liberation
21- Is this course in Psychology of Consciousness conducive to Awakening? What about Liberation
? Is the spiritual struggle useless or a necessary evil?

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test.


II- Awakening the Student to Their True Self (Consciousness) through the Positive Path to Awakening

Class starts with a guided meditation.

01- What is Awakening
02- The illusory I and its many identification thoughts -- I am this, I am that. A list of ten.
03- The identity basket and its unique characteristics. The power of any small change in identity.
04- A useful model and definition of the mind - the concentric circles model. Characteristics of the mind objects -- Positive and negative (dualistic in nature), impermanent. Does the mind       exist? Introspection with eyes closed.
05- The Perceiving -- the eye at the center of the storm. Its characteristics: non-dual, constant, part of this Universe?
06- Relation between mind and Perceiving -- the screen of the mind.
07- Real vs. false. Constant vs coming and going.
08- What is a baby really? What were you then? What did you become later?
09- Noticing the Perceiving and you are That!
10- Every mind-body organism is an organ of sensory perception, for whom?
11- What is the soul? The soul is also overwhelmed by identifications. Who evolves then?
12- What does it mean "Abiding as the Self or Resting as Awareness" -- how to use this as a spiritual practice, as a meditation approach. The backward step. Reminder. Ramana's words in regard to what we must do to attain and where free will begins and ends. Undefined, undifferentiated Awareness.
13- Relationship between Consciousness and the body -- noticing the body exercise
14- The perceiver does not exist?  What about the perceived?
15- Baptism (naming) an initiation into falsehood. How the active voice of the language bind us, and what we can do and can't do about it. The magic of the passive voice. The MBO trick and       others.
16- Words that point to non-existent objects
17- Awakening vs. Liberation -- why Awakening is only a milestone
18- The thought "I am not Awakened"
19- Emotions and negative reactions -- where are they happening? Why are they happening? Do we need to fix them?
20- The blessings of Awakening are the proof -- increase in trust, decrease in resistance to what is, decrease in neurosis, decrease in negative emotions, increase in self-confidence, increase in efficiency, the mind becomes more silent, greater enjoyment, decrease in dislikes, significant decrease in all fears, and so on. Material benefits too?  The importance of noticing these changes
21- Q&A -- eliminating all confusion about what we are really is INDISPENSABLE.

Homework: Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test. Identify the 21 steps to Awakening. Generate personal notes to work later with clients.


III- Awakening through The Negation Path -- Denying the Existence of the False and Eventually Letting Go of all Beliefs about Oneself.

Class starts with a guided meditation.

01- Summary of the last class
02- The Art of Living Empty. Why it is NOT a spiritual experience and how it bestows freedom
03- Why the Buddhists emphasize so much the Emptiness pointer, and what is the Emptiness really.
04- If the "I" does not exist, what are the implications? Will you loose yourself? What does it mean that every sentient being is Empty? Why this is the most effective path to a life free of interpersonal conflicts. How to practice it. How to practice this in spiritual counseling.
05- Why the Ultimate Truth can be expressed so effectively in a negative way. Why a Universe without "me" is a happy Universe, and how we can see that we are the Universe. Is this a subject free Universe?
06- Repeat the initial meditation exercise
07- Are we robots then? Revisiting the MBO concept? How this simple concept can free us from the greatest lie ever told. Actions are the result of programs not of personal decisions.
08- So "I, so and so, never existed?" Revisiting the pointer "to whom is this coming?" Dealing effectively with negative emotions
09- The self-referential nature of the "I" -- revisiting the screen of the mind.
10- When mental objects are not owned they simply come and go -- they float free on the screen of the mind and no one grasp them.
11- The highest mantra? Finally a mantra yoga that really works?
12- The highest use of the mind is to point towards freedom from the"I." This is called "The path of Wisdom" -- Nisargadatta Maharaj
13- Get this and be free in a moment. Miss it and you will not make it in a million years! Regressing to the "I" thought -- is it possible? The path becomes extremely simple -- remembering the Truth. Are we free after Awakening or the subconscious, false "I" still has to        die? Will we have an ego for the rest of our lives?
14- Go empty. Eliciting the feeling of Awakening. 
16- When we meditate, who is meditating? When we have a spiritual experience, who had it?
17- The ultimate answer to a life free of interpersonal relationship issues. "Sutras" and "Tweeter."
18- Dealing with negative emotions -- to whom is this coming? Fear vs. Consciousness takes care of itself.
19- Why Non-Duality - truly a spiritual revolution - is the most advanced spiritual approach in the planet today, and why it always was. How BOI is contributing and how our student can contribute. Spiritual practices bind us, can this liberating approach do that too?
20- How to trigger the Awakening state in your clients. Why for the teacher soul, teaching is an easy and delightful way to evolve spiritually.
21- Q&A -- eliminating all confusion about the powerful negative approach to Awakening and Liberation is INDISPENSABLE. Students that haven't Awakened yet are invited to a 3-hour one on one Awakening session.

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test. Watch 'M" interview and noticing the awakening experience.


IV- Realizing the Oneness of All Things and No-Things (the 7th Game of Consciousness.)

Class starts with a guided meditation

1- Summary of the last class and introduction to the subject.
2- What did the Buddha mean when he said that everyTHING is empty
3- What does it mean that "Emptiness is also devoid of intrinsic existence."
4- Is the Universe a mechanism or a creation?
5- What is the alternative to the mechanistic position?
6- What this 7th game is about -- from Emptiness to Oneness. Open eyes meditation. Stepping into. Why Oneness may be more restful than Emptiness. Resting as Alness. "Knowledge divides wisdom makes everything whole again."
7- How failure at knowing how to play successfully the 7th Game of Consciousness leads to suffering. The perfect antidote to "the need to be right," "the aversion to be wrong, "the need to change the other," "the inferiority complex, the superiority complex and comparisons in general,"the need to win," and puritanism -- the "unacceptable" impure aspect of creation. The lotus symbol.
8- How much have you progressed in this game? Who is progressing?
9- How this game is usually played out in yoga and why it tends to produce no results.
10- The use of magic mushrooms to move into Oneness -- is it a legitimate approach?
11- What are the possibilities of integration of the experience when using mushrooms?
12- The use of the pointer -- "stepping into instead of stepping backwards."
13- Nisargadatta on "Nothing and Love"
14- Will Science eventually answer all the questions about the Universe?
15- The enquiry on "what is all this really"
16- The fundamental importance of releasing all expectations and moving into "the experimenter's position" with a completely open attitude.
17- Is the leaf a leaf or is simply a part of the tree?
18- At what point does the leaf became a leaf?
19- How it can become again part for the tree?
20- Is that something that has to happen or it is already and never stopped being that way?
21- Q&A - eliminating any confusion about the 7th Game of Consciousness is INDISPENSABLE.

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test.


V- The Seven Games of Consciousness.

Class starts with a guided meditation.

01- Summary of the last class.
02- The Seven Centers of Consciousness and their corresponding infinitely complex Cosmic Games. Graphic representation. The energy approach vs. the psychological approach to "illuminating" the Tree of Life.
04- Why Consciousness is playing these Games? Are these serious games or we can take them easy?
05- The Maximum potential of the human character -- the "Krishna" syndrome.
06- The three monastic vows of renunciation.
07- The Mountain top vs. the Holistic Path (Market Place Path.)
08- Why the Sixth Center of Consciousness is the best starting point -- from Non-Duality to Duality instead of vice-versa.
09- Consciousness perceives every game and every task as a challenge. Practical application of this concept.
10- Why the soul may need thousands of lifetimes to master these Seven Game.
11- Playing the games leads to total integration. The Seven Games of Consciousness model integrates all the fundamental aspects of life.
13- Example of poor integration: "it is not OK to charge money for spiritual service. "Are you comfortable charging for your time? Why this does not deny the value of being generous. There has to be some relative balance between what you give and what you receive. Charging for our time is an imposition from Nature itself. Where is the problem then? In the belief system.
14- How to dramatically shorten the path. Why the ego can't play these games effectively.
15- Neurosis is the result of playing these games from a fictional character.
16- The ego is incapable of attaining balance. Each game generates enormous amount of neurosis
17- Playing the games from Consciousness is a shortcut to happiness and success too
18- The seven Games of Consciousness in the Spiritual Counseling process. Assessing each one of the centers.
19- Accessing unlimited wisdom as a counselor. The best counseling technique you will ever learn and perhaps the only one will ever need. Why this is never taught in a mainstream university and what are the consequences.
20- Recognizing the challenge of counseling leads to humility and application of the right techniques. The "self-humbling" approach to counseling. Intuition -- what is it?
21- Q&A -- eliminating all confusion about what life is about and therefore about the Seven Games of Consciousness is INDISPENSABLE.

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test. Read Article on the Seven Games of Life and start reading book on the Seven Centers of Consciousness


VI- The 5th Game: The Game of the Soul - Creating and Serving others.

Class starts with a guided meditation.

01- Summary of the last class and introduction to the subject. What this game is about and how failure at knowing how to play successfully the 5th Game of Consciousness leads to suffering, severe psychopathology and disease. Taking a test to assess 5th Center of Consciousness issues. 
02- What is the fifth center about. What is the soul about? Does it really exist or it is a useful concept? In which way the astral body a super computer.
03- Past lives do require in-between lives. What do we do there?  Many sages many Masters was just the beginning.
04- Presentation of a video on Soul Psychology based on research.
05- Why the research is credible? How to read and learn about the research while having fun.
06- How we can learn about the Psychology of the Soul? Why this is indispensable to become a good Spiritual Psychology Counselor.
07- Why the content of the research can completely change the way we do counseling
08- "We are not human beings trying to have a spiritual experience but Spiritual Beings having a human experience." Why Teilhard the Chardin famous words would be correct, but only partially.
09-  How the birth as a soul and repeated reincarnations lead to the development of a soul character. Are we identified with this character? Where did the adventure begin? Was it in the astral or was in a physical planet?
10- Do we carefully planned this incarnation? Who helped us? What type of contracts we acquired? Free will vs. predetermination at the 5th Center of Consciousness -- Superconsciousness. Why this is so helpful in counseling?
11- Expanding our belief system and that of our clients to solve past traumas -- why it works.
12- Who evolves?  The three main reasons for incarnating. 
13- The vocation is of the soul not of the ego. Why mainstream psychology often does a lousy job at vocational counseling. Why and how a spiritual psychology counselor can do a much better job. Where we can get a more extensive training.
14- At what point of our evolution we become specialized souls. How that works. At that moment it abandons her original soul cluster.
15- The importance of expressing our vocation on earth as the path towards happiness and evolution.
16- Why the expression of our vocation leads to evolution.
17- The time when the soul reconnects with her career here on earth is a crucial moment in that lifetime. Many "demons" may visit us.
18- Why the wrong decision can be deadly. "The actor that became a constructor."
19- "The farmer that became a banker"
20- "The hair styler that became a secretary in her family business."
21- Q&A - eliminating any confusion about the 5th Game of Consciousness is INDISPENSABLE.

Homework:Attend the video-class and complete test.


VII- The 4th Game: The Game of Relationships and Love.

Class starts with a guided meditation.

01- Summary of the last class and introduction to the subject. What this game is about and how failure at knowing how to play successfully the 4th Game of Consciousness leads to suffering, severe psychopathology and disease. Taking a test to assess 4th Center of Consciousness issues.    
02- Why "I hope you get well soon." What is going on in the brain when we fall in love or during a break up.
03- The monastic vow of celibacy and the romantic aspect of life.
04- The feminine perspective on the couple relationship -- sexuality as an expression of romance
05- The value of friendship. Is friendship really forever? How friendship makes as happier in life. Why allowing our friends to be as they are, providing that....
06- Is marriage forever? How to sustain a long relationship and how this can help us to be happier and evolve spiritually.
07- Interaction between the 2nd and 4th center during sexual intimacy.
08- Interaction between the 2nd and 5th center during sexual intimacy.
09- Interaction between the 2nd and 6th center during sexual intimacy.
10- Empathy and compassion the seeds of unconditional love. Why suffering is helpful and necessary to develop empathy.
11- Empathy in counseling - service and the 4th Center of Consciousness
12- Love to animals, plants, the earth and the ocean, and humans, leads to unconditional love. Nature opens the heart center.
13- The Bhakti Yoga Path -- love for the Divine.
14- Unconditional love opens the door to childlike trust in a benevolent Universe -- which destroys fear. "God is not a tyrant."
15- Eliciting and attracting Divine protection.
16- Helping the client by increasing their sense of Divine protection.
17- The powerful effect of a simple reminder and how to use it in counseling. The value of repetition. The value of spiritual affirmations.
18- How to help couples in counseling using non-violent communication approach
19- How to help couples in counseling using non-duality techniques. Where, and why, to find more information about Couples Coaching.
20- How to severe a dysfunctional relationship.
21- Q&A - eliminating any confusion about the 4th Game of Consciousness is INDISPENSABLE.

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test.


VIII- 3rd Game: Developing a Healthy Personality

Class starts with a guided meditation.

01- Summary of the last class and introduction to the subject. What this game is about and how failure at knowing how to play successfully the 3rd Game of Consciousness leads to suffering, severe psychopathology and disease. Taking a test to assess 2nd Center of Consciousness issues.
02- What is the personality really? Understanding the powerful forces at work that exploit human ignorance about how to enjoy life through the development of a healthy personality, which includes: intellect, will power, memory, communication skills, assertiveness, a healthy sense       of justice, humor, self-respect, a positive self image, a positive self-concept, self-esteem and self-confidence.
03- Why knowing ourselves at a personality level is quite a challenge and how we can save time.
04- Psychotherapy as a way to "see" ourselves and as a way of healing the personality.
05- What is the ego? Is having a strong ego something wrong?
06- How the self-concept is created, where is it located in the psyche and how we can improve it. 07- Why the spiritual ego may not be necessarily better than the materialistic ego
08- Using positive mirroring to heal the personality in spiritual counseling -- conditions is must fulfilled to be truly healing.
09- Wrong conclusions based on research on self-esteem.
10- Narcissism or inflated self-esteem -- what is it and how to correct it. Why research on meditation shows that it does not necessarily help narcissism
11- The main purpose of classic psychotherapy and linear psychology vs. the main purpose of spiritual psychology -- how to reconcile both approaches
12- Will power's role in the development of a healthy personality. The sense of adventure and the value of challenging ourselves. Accomplishments impact on the personality. Is there such thing as too much success?
13- Positive thinking in the development of a healthy personality.
14- The brain's role in the development of a healthy personality. How an imbalanced brain impacts the personality.
15- The development of intelligence -- how to develop it and how to maintain it. How intelligence can be helpful in the spiritual path and how it can be an obstacle.
16- How to keep our memory in good conditions and how to take our memories for what they are -- just memories, nothing real.
17- A healthy sense of justice -- what is it and what are its limitations
18- How to develop our humor -- why it is a spiritual challenge.  Why humor often comes when the mind is out. How humor is at the center of the difference between an "awakened individual" and someone that still is sleeping the dream of the "I"
19- How and why to attain a positive self image. Does vanity has a place in spirituality?
20- How to develop a healthy self-concept, self-acceptance, self-esteem and self-confidence
21- Q&A - eliminating any confusion about the 3rd Game of Consciousness is INDISPENSABLE

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test. Read Book on Typology.


IX- The 3rd Game: Creating a Healthy Personality (continuation.)

Class starts with a guided meditation.

01- The domains of the ego
02- The Silent Equations -- irrational programs that control humans' mind and behavior and allow suffering to happen.
03- Lessons from Humanistic Philosophy -- the philosophy at the root of all our Western Sciences. How much is worth a human being?
04- My money = my worth.   My success = my worth. My accomplishments = my worth
05- How much others like me = my worth.  How much he or she loves me = my worth
06- My beauty = my worth.  My health and youth = my worth.  My knowledge = my worth
07- The Collective Silent Assumptions (CSI)
08- This is important
09- This is real
10- I am the doer
11- I have not done my best
12- There are things here that have a separate existence
13- I have a separate existence
14- The human neurosis
15- Who benefit with all these programs
16- Who put them there?
17- Observing the personality -- does it help? The role of humor. The vindictive one. The paranoid  one. The cranky one. The vane one. The judgmental one. The proud one. The polite but distant one. The perfectionistic one. The lazy one. The romantic one. The teacher one
18- Ego is identification, not programs.  Personality is programs
19- How the language is constantly contributing to this mis-identification
20- How we can create a language for awakened beings. How the language we use in counseling needs to be a non-ego centered language -- as much as possible. Why our present language creates immense confusion in the seeker.
21- Q&A - eliminating any confusion about the 3rd Game of Consciousness is INDISPENSABLE

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test.


X- The 2nd Game: Enjoying the Senses without Addiction.

Class starts with a guided meditation.

01- Summary of the last class and introduction to the subject. What this game is about and how failure at knowing how to play successfully the 2nd Game of Consciousness leads to suffering, severe psychopathology and disease.Taking a test to assess 2nd Center of Consciousness issues.
02- Understanding the powerful forces at work that exploit human ignorance about how to enjoy life through the senses of their physical bodies. What is this magnificent Game about?
03- Why hedonism is a false philosophy and why asceticism is also a false philosophy, and what does it mean that they are false?
04- Addictions -- when the game becomes deadly. Who are at highest risk? What are they looking for? Where is the problem located -- in the brain or in the mind?
05- Addiction as a spiritual path -- the nurse that chose an addictive brain.
06- What's likely the most effective solution to addiction? Why is not pursued?
07- Awakening may free us from many addictions, but likely not all of them.
08- Compensating for addictions through the right use of nutrition and supplements.
09- Our attitudes towards sensory pleasure may be coming from the old repressive monastic paradigms. How to free ourselves from this dysfunctional program. The monastic vows are an assault on the second center of Consciousness -- how it works.
10- How fear leads to repression and contempt and eventually hate. Why despite of all this the       monastic paradigm helps souls that went too far into indulgence. Is it possible to find the center again? What is it necessary to understand?
11- Lack of enjoyment of the senses may lead to depression -- and vice-versa (unhedonia)
12- Balancing the first and second Center of Consciousness. Why it is so indispensable
13- Believing that sex is not a need, and it is wrong, also comes from old dysfunctional monastic paradigms -- monks teaching lay people how to live life in the world. Celibacy and repression lead to sexual addictions and paraphilia
14- Puritanism and asceticism -- these isms are usually deeply rooted in fear of loosing control. Do few souls need them? Possibly. But, obviously not everyone needs them!
15- The promise that more is better, comes from a confusion about the power of pleasure to produce joy.
16- Quality, instead of more, leads to mindfulness and the development of sophistication in the sensory experience. However, that is only the beginning.
18- Music, visual arts, aromas, culinary arts and sex are windows to the Divine -- it is up to us to make the connection.
17- Sexuality can be spiritualized through love, and the impact in the organism changes. How this can be done without strange tantra and taoist techniques.
19- Attaining the right dosage of adventure in life. How security kills -- three years of psychoanalysis to safe his life from suicidal depression
20- The search for a spiritual high -- is it an addiction?  Is it a valid addiction? What are the real results?
21- Q&A - eliminating any confusion about the 2nd Game of Consciousness is INDISPENSABLE

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test.


XI- The 1st Game: The Game of Survival - Making a Living.

Class starts with a guided meditation.

01- Summary of the last class and introduction to the subject. Why the Game of Survival is a magnificent Cosmic Game and why it is just a game -- dialog in the Bhagavad Gita.
02- Taking a test to assess first Center of Consciousness issues. Main two aspects of the game of Survival. How first chakra issues lead to poverty, severe psychopathology and physical disease.
03- Most of the problem is in our belief system about charging for our time, the purpose of money, how to do business, our philosophy of life, greed, fear of scarcity, lack of trust in the universe, omnipotence, childhood programs like the over value of becoming rich, etc
04- Revisiting our beliefs in regard to charging money for our time. The selfish aspect of this game and center needs to be understood, respected, and balanced with a spirit of service.
05- Visiting our beliefs in regard to the purpose of life at the first center of Consciousness. Why materialism is a false first center of Consciousness philosophy. Why greed is an imbalance in the first Center of Consciousness. What is better, to work it out energetically or psychologically?
06- The "hippie" philosophy -- the belief "I do not need money"
07- The "spiritual sadhu" syndrome -- the belief that "God will provide even if I do nothing."
08-The monastic ideas about money -- the belief that pursuing money creates distance from God. A literal interpretation of "you can't serve two masters at the same time."
09- Metaphysical beliefs about money that can cause suffering -- "I can have it all"
10- Fear of scarcity is rooted in a false assumption -- "there is an "I" here that is responsible for making money."
11- Creating a "safety emotional net" at the bottom line. Who is really in-charge of the survival of the mind-body organism? Why it survives? Who puts a roof over it and brings food to the table?
12- Differentiating between cause and means -- the rice story
13- Scarcity is not the biggest problem -- our beliefs about it are
14- The value of setting clear goals. The goals and means need to bring balance between the first and the fifth centers.
15- The value of efficiency. The value of planning, prioritizing and organizing our time and space to address meaningful needs and goals. Why failure at this level leads to guilt and anxiety. How we can easily correct the issue. How to avoid the trap of trying to do too much at once which creates a mountain of stress. Setting realistic goals to attain during a particular segment of time. Why modest goals are more productive. The artist's dilemma. Working hard or having a balanced life?
16- After we have attained a reasonable and balance level of efficiency, what do we do? Why how much money we will have at any point in time is NOT up to us.
17- Respecting money by using it wisely. Why both, the "miser syndrome" and overspending lead to suffering.
18- When your savings are gradually disappearing -- an archetypical situation? What to do about it. How to assess if fear of scarcity is founded in some real situation or on pure imagination.
19- The Mystical Path to "Abundance" vs. the Metaphysical Path to "Abundance."  Is "abundance" having money or freedom from fear of scarcity?
20- The pursuing of the "I am a rich man (or woman.)" A lesson in dis-identification. When bankruptcy becomes inevitable -- why?
21- Q&A - eliminating any confusion about the first Game of Consciousness is INDISPENSABLE

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test.


XII- The 1st Game (continuation): Keeping Body and Mind in Good Health.

Class starts with a guided meditation.

1- Summary of the last class and introduction to the subject. What this game is about and how   failure at knowing how to play successfully the 1st Game of Consciousness leads to suffering, severe psychopathology and disease.
2- Understanding the powerful forces at work that exploit human ignorance about how to keep the body in good health.
3- How to protect ourselves? The three golden rules of wellness: 1- Learn about how to prevent disease and how to heal the body and select VERY carefully who you believe. 2- Apply what you learn by patiently implementing health supporting habits 3- Stay away from temptations like having the wrong type of foods at home -- how to do this.
4- The two basic and two highest principles of Wellness Coaching.
5- Nutrition and health -- overwhelming research demonstrate that....  Is good diet enough or we need to take supplements?
6- Physical exercise and health -- overwhelming research demonstrate that....
7- Positive / objective thinking and health. Why rational thinking cannot be underestimated with spiritual excuses. Overwhelming research demonstrate that....
8- Vocation -- doing what we love cannot be replaced by spiritual philosophy. Overwhelming research demonstrate that....
9- How these four principles lead to good health
10- How these four principles lead to happiness in the relative - first to fifth centers.
11- When it comes to health we just can do so much -- here surrender is also fundamental.
12- Why Awakening leads to the right balance between the dualistic centers
13- Going or not going to the doctor -- navigating effectively the mainstream medicine paradox
14- Anti-aging as a spiritual practice -- in ancient times and today. Surrender to the aging process is the only way to balance the equation.
15- When the pursue of good health becomes fanaticism. How surrender helps
16- The purification road most often leads to poor health and suffering. It has its place however.
17- Excessive preoccupation with our health or hypochondriasis. Irrational, catastrophic thoughts that lead to endless anxiety. How to control hypochondriasis with Cognitive Psychology and how to heal it with Non-Duality
18- Ending the fear of death leads to fearlessness and invaluable happiness
19- Being ready to die any moment is the only way to attain freedom from the fear of death. How to reach that level of courage?
20- Living with fear is not living. When dying is better than living in fear - lessons from DV.
21- Q&A - eliminating any confusion about the 1st Game of Consciousness is INDISPENSABLE.

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test.


XIII- 6th Game: Finding Our True Self.

Class starts with a guided meditation.

01- Summary of the last class and introduction to the subject.
02- What this game is about and how failure at knowing how to play successfully the 6th Game of Consciousness leads to suffering.
03- Taking a test to assess 6th Center of Consciousness issues. 
04- How this game is usually played out and what are the consequences for the individual and our civilization.
05- The focusing on the "spiritual eye" technique coming from yoga, is it effective? How the technique was described and what were you supposed to find.
06- A personal experience.
07- Two advanced yogis opinion in regard to this technique
08- How the description of the technique can make a significant difference.
09- What is the revelation of the 6th Center of Consciousness? How to include it in the practice?
10- What is the Zen position in regard to what happens in the forehead? What is this space? In this space there is space for everything.
11- What are the implications on the kundalini and on sexuality?
12- How long to practice, if you decide to practice?
13- What about the posture? Does it have any impact on this technique?
14- The "Joy Factor" when practicing this technique.
15- A meditation on "Joy."  The vagus nerve connection
16- What is the "attention" or the "noticing" about?
17- Why forcing or manipulating the attention does not make sense.
18- The fundamental importance of releasing all expectations and moving into "the experimenter's position" with an open attitude. "Let's see what happens."
19- Putting every Game from 1st to 5th in one big bag and surrendering it to the Big River of Life. But how interesting! Are we really committed to let go of all suffering?
20- How this is done in the Mountain Top Path and how it is done in the Market Place Path -- the path of internal detachment.
21- Q&A - eliminating any confusion about the 6th Game of Consciousness is INDISPENSABLE

: Attend the video-class and complete test.


XIV- Learning about Human Emotions through the Map of Consciousness

Class starts with a guided meditation.

1- The kinesiological test a window to discern truth from falsehood.
2- The Map of Consciousness.
3- Mathematical characteristics of the scale  
4- Assessing and healing emotions
5- Shame
6- Guilt
7- Despair
8- Sadness
9- Fear
10- Desire
11- Anger
12- Pride
13- How to approach these issues in counseling.
14- Applying the Map of Consciousness to the spiritual path -- discerning true from false spiritual teachings.
15- The 400s is the realm of science, can it be helpful for our spiritual development?
16- The 500s are the astral real.
17- The 600 and above is the realm of Non-Duality.
18- Interesting and/or valuable calibrations to keep in mind.
19- Limitations of the system.
20- Keeping an open mind and using the system as a point of analysis.
21- Calibrations from other kinesiologists.

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test. Optional Reading.


XV- The Delicate Passage from Victor to Vehicle -- the Dark Night of the Soul

Class starts with a guided meditation

01- The powerful Victim, Victor and Vehicle model to help oneself and clients move forward spiritually
02- From the Traditional to the Metaphysical state -- basic review
03- From the Metaphysical to the Mystical state --  the path to surrender and liberation
04- The V-V-V paradigm as a great assessment tool
05- How it helps the individual realize where he or she is stuck in the victim role or in the victor (metaphysical) role. 
06- A marvelous map -- pointing always in the precise direction of greater spiritual evolution
07- Pathways of inner transformation
08- The death of the dependent self
09- The dark night of the soul
10- From waiting to doing and from doing to being. What does "being" means in the Market Place Path?
11- The chakra system revisited
12- Why responsibility is valuable but it is also a cross. What to do about this.
13- What desirelessness means in the Market Place Path
14- Courage as a path to transcendence
15- Who has Karma?
16- How to attain Cosmic Intelligence?  Who attains it?
17- Waiting begging and complaining, doing and thinking positively, doing while surrendering
18- From "I create my own reality" to "I am a vehicle for the Divine"
19- Before self-consciousness, during self-consciousness, and beyond self-Consciousness. Observing self-consciousness
20- The "here I am feeling," vs the "there is no-one here" feeling.
21- Who evolves really?

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test.


XVI- Living a Life Free of Expectations

Class starts with a guided meditation

01- The young man and the Buddha.
02- Expectations are a source of suffering.
03- A life free of expectation is a much happier life.
04- Why even positive expectations can create suffering.
05- Metaphysics teaches how to create positive expectations, does it work?
06- The mystical path to success teaches how to be free of expectations, is it possible?
07- The good traveler has no fixed plans and is "not intent on arriving" -- Lao Tzu
08- The difference between a preference and an expectation.
09- Desire is not "your worst enemy" -- expectations might very well be.
10- Desire without expectation.
11- Suffering is the result of a frustrated conscious or unconscious expectation.
12- The one million dollar self-enquiry -- what am I expecting consciously or unconsciously right now?
13- What we can expect from a world in constant fluctuation and what we can't expect.
14- The mind -- thoughts and feelings -- are external. What is internal then?
15- When there is suffering it is likely that we are looking for happiness in the external, in the mind -- we expect something from the "world."
16- Happiness is ALWAYS available -- it requires a simple shift in attention.
17- Why moving from mind to Consciousness immediately brings happiness.
18- Expecting happiness from moving into Consciousness is unnecessary -- happiness at that level is a certainty.  Bhakti Yoga applied to expectations.
19- Unrealistic spiritual expectation are the most damaging at generating suffering.
20- Why the desire with attachment -- expectation -- of having spiritual experiences, samadhi, ecstasy, nirvana etc. create immense and unnecessary suffering in the seeker. "God" is to be         found in the midst of the human experience, not in spiritual experiences.
21- What about the expectation of NOT having expectations?

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test. Optional book.


XVII- The Power of Acceptance (Surrender)

Class starts with a guided meditation

01- The Spiritual path is divided in two long stretches.
02- Resisting -- the warrior's path.
03- Accepting; the path of the Mystic.
04- Surrender might be the fastest and easiest path to enlightenment, but surrender to what?
05- Surrendering to the divine.
06- Surrendering to a semi-god or guru and its possible consequences.
07- Surrendering to the present moment; to what is.
08- Surrendering to Consciousness.
09- Surrendering to what is, annihilates time.
10- From the power of Now to the power of Yes.
11- From "yes" to "allowing everything to be as it is" -- good pointers from Non-Duality teachers and how to use them in meditation.
12- The fundamental difference between acceptance and deep acceptance.
13- Why time is a mentation.
14- Why past and future do not exist. Words that point to no-where.
15- A universe free of the concepts of time still is. Physics and time.
16- Learning to live in the now.
17- Living in the now leads to awakening.
18- The plunge in the Now.
19- Abiding as the Self leads to the Now.
20- No-one here leads to the Now. Stepping into leads to the Now.
21- Is accepting suffering the ultimate acceptance, the ultimate paradox?

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test. Optional book.


XVIII- The Power of Bhakti Yoga

Class starts with a guided meditation

01- The four main types of yoga.
02- Bhakti Yoga.
03- The Psycho-Physiological Yogas.
04- Karma Yoga or the yoga of service.
05- Jnana Yoga. Raja Yoga.
06- Why understanding this classification is fundamental.
07- What is the right yoga for your personality.
08- Different forms of Bhakti Yoga.
09- Consequences of the fundamental imaginary division -- "I and God."
10- Although believing in an external God may prevent us to take responsibility for our lives and for the universe as our own creation, and trigger painful resentments towards that "God," still...
11- Why most main religions are part of the Bhakti Yoga Path.
12- Why Bhakti Yoga can become a dangerous path, and how to protect ourselves.
13- Which are the most dangerous Bhakti teachings and how to avoid them.
14- Positive contributions of the Bhakti Yoga.
15- Which parts of Bhakti Yoga are safe to practice?
16- "Bhakti moments" after Awakening and what to do about them.
17-  Devotional Non-Duality.
18- "Letter to God" from a Jnani.
19- "The Story of Ribhu" -- Ramana Maharshi.
20- The role of thankfulness in Bhakti Yoga and in Metaphysics.
21- The role of thankfulness in Non-Duality.

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test. Optional book.


XIX- The Teachings of Ramana Maharshi

Class starts with a guided meditation

01- The life of Ramana Maharshi.
02- The origin of Advaita or Non-dual teachings is further back in time.
03- Founding father of non-duality in East and West.
04- The Self-enquiry approach.
05- His position of predetermination -- is it helpful? Non-Causality vs. Free will.
06- The soul's path between free will and a chosen destiny.
07- Is free will an illusion?.
08- The only free will we have according to Ramana -- Intention: "I want to live this day as ..."
09- The relative versus the absolute perspective -- the symbol of the cross.
10- Why honoring and respecting the power of the dream -- a match for Consciousness.
11- Happiness in Ramana's teachings.
12- Understanding his greatest pointer -- "Abide as the Self" - "The Ultimate Container."
13- Other relevant aspects of his teachings -- emphasis on Silence. Going beyond the mind.
14- Was he a mountain top Jnani?
15- What is the whole thing about Arunachala.
16- Separating Indian culture's peculiarities from Advaita teachings.
17- His advanced disciple Robert Adams.
18- "To whom is this coming? When no-one is better than no-one.
19- "I do not know what I am."
20- Best information sources. Why Ramana's and Adam's teachings could have been distorted somewhat already, and what to do about it.
21-  Q&A.

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test. Optional book.



XX- The Teachings of Nisargadatta Maharaj

Class starts with a guided meditation

01- Nisargadatta's Life.
02- Smoking may not be that bad after all?
03- "I am"  vs. I am this.
04- Meditating in the feeling of "I am."  How that helped Nisargadatta. Will it help you?
05- What did he mean by "know the false if you want to know the Real."
06- Mind vs Consciousness.
07- Love and Wisdom -- Nothing and everything.
08- Everything is happening automatically -- what this means really.
09- "I Am That"  -- comprehensive and practical Non-Dual approach to Awakening and later to Liberation.
10- Does it work?
11- Spiritual paraphernalia distracts as much as any other worldly distraction.
12- Discussion and Q&A on Nisargadatta's most famous thoughts and pointers.
13- His advanced disciple Ramesh Balsekar.
14- There is no-Doer.
15- What is the main consequence of really understanding that we are "highly programmed individuals." How this understanding can be life changing. Forgiving oneself and others
16- Robots? Revisiting R. Adams.
17- A one word religion.
18- Should I stop all planning?  Is spontaneous action more delightful?
19- If your next activity is predetermined -- can you trust it? Can you trust the Universe to manage your schedule?. Why doing that?
20- The value of painful experiences -- why they are predetermined. How to welcome them. My life has not been what I expected and was programmed to expect, what to do about it?
21- Q&A

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test. Optional book.



XXI- Miscellaneous aspects of the Path of Non-Duality

Class starts with a guided meditation

01- From Narrow to Open Focus -- the Open Focus Brain
02- Biofeedback and neuro-feedback equipments. The future in Psychology of Consciousness
03- Research on Open Focus and Awakening
04- Why narrow focus is a state of tension and why practicing concentration may not be the best way to meditate. How to bypass this issue
05- When narrow focus becomes pathological
06- When the brain loses its capacity to sustain narrow focus, and what to do about it.
07- Factors affecting our civilization's capacity for concentration
08- Relative happiness is dependent on the biochemistry of the brain
09- Does Happiness that springs from resting as Consciousness depend on the biochemistry of the brain?
10- Brain Optimization as a path to Awakening.
11- Resting as no-one has a powerful impact on physiology. How to measure that impact scientifically.
12- Abide as the Self or Resting as Awareness?
13- Proper understanding of "allowing everything to be as it is"
14- Allowing from the mind vs. allowing from Consciousness -- i.e creating space
15- How Consciousness uses the human body and mind, and where we can get more information
16- The Modern Advaitists of the West. How they are transforming our world from inside out. 
17- How the student can stay in contact with them and their teachings?
18- Pseudo Non-Duality -- what is it really?  Does it exist?
19- The future of Non-Duality as a grass root movement and how the explosion of Non-dual teachers is likely to impact our world. What could happen if our whole civilization wakes up? Is it possible?
20- What is the core teaching of the modern Advaitists? Stop the seeking.
21- Why Awakening is not the end of suffering but the beginning of a new life?

Homework: Attend the video-class and complete test. Optional books and videos for this part of the course.


This curriculum is subject to change anytime, at
the school and teacher's discretion.


More on "What Our Students Have to Say about
This Course and Its Content"

20 years of seeking the ‘Ah ha’ moment of understanding. Thousands of books, hundreds of courses, weeks of retreats until my weary journey finally ‘led me’ to a strange thing called "Awakening to Your True Self Is Not Difficult" presented by a gentle, unassuming being, whom I’d never heard of. I was immediately deeply dubious.

“Really?! Awakening?! In just a few hours?”

I’d spent so long contorting my body and psyche in the quest for Oneness that I’d pretty much given up on the end result. I could stand on my head for hours, fast for days and recite Patanjali’s Sutras backwards, so it seemed highly doubtful that ‘some person’ was going to successfully trigger this experience in just a few hours. And yet, I found myself booking an appointment. And lo and behold, I still can’t believe it myself, Awakening happened.

And, the earth did not shake, flames did not rise up through my spine and my chakras did not vibrate!

The experience was in fact logical. Simple. Natural. And so very quiet.
And the knowingness expanded as the session progressed. Word by sentence by understanding. The process dissolved deep and crusty beliefs that I held true and dear. It was a penetrating shift, a quiet revolution that has brought and continues to bring much softness and peace.

Since then, still life and humanness, yet space and joy.
Laughter too, because it is here all the time, everywhere,
“What you are looking for is what is looking” -- Saint Francis of Assisi
“We are already wisdom” -- Arnaud Desjardins





There are moments in a person's life that they will never, ever forget. Their first love, the first time they "really saw" something bigger than they could comprehend - perhaps the ocean or the night sky brimming with stars. You have given me such a moment. Awakening is as big as any of those - in fact it's much, much bigger.

In my five-year search for awakening I have had to overcome a deep resistance to spirituality that I learned from my family. I have learned about a huge variety of spiritual traditions, from Christian and Sufi mysticism to shamanism, Zen and finally Advaita. I've joined groups, read books and done retreats. In the process I had many wonderful experiences. But I didn't awaken. I caught glimpses of it, like the ox in the Zen poem. But despite (or because of?) all my effort, I did not succeed.

Then on July 17th 2102, it happened. First you awakened my partner Kathy on the telephone. When she got off the phone, she immediately transmitted to me what you had first given to her. It worked. Instantly, just as you said it would. My ego-self (what I call my monkey-mind) was utterly astonished. My higher Self said, "Of course, it was here all along."

The month since then has been an unfolding of wonder and serenity that I could never have imagined. The awakening has remained, and has broadened and deepened. Now there is always a stillness, a witnessing, an awareness that reveals itself as that which never changes.

There are no words to express this gratitude.

Bodhi Paul Chefurka





Dear Gian

I feel the presence of God in everything around me. My obsessions are fading out. I am experiencing a powerful increase in physical energy, mental clarity, and patience. My fear of death has disappeared altogether. My relationship with people around me is healing and I feel a natural desire to express my love and appreciation to them. My breathing has deepened.

Thank´s Gian for being a catalyst for my awakening. It is becoming more and more real in my whole being, and deepening with each passing day.

C. M.




Powerful and insightful, The Awakening brought me peace, tolerance and clarity to help me through some of the most difficult periods of my life, by decreasing my negative emotions and worries. The Awakening served as a pathway through which I could go beyond unreachable expectations and find inner truth.

Julia S., Southern California, USA.




Dear Son

Since the days we had our conversations about "Awakening" I have noticed valuable changes in myself that I would like to share with you. I think this feedback can be helpful to you in your work with your students. Let me list the changes here:

1- I have noticed a significant decrease in my fear of earthquakes. Traumatized repeatedly by so many earthquakes here in Santiago Chile this fear had become painful and rock solid in my mind. After the Awakening is like a faint feeling in the distant background.

2- I feel happier

3- Now, political issues, that used to obsess me, do not bind my attention and I feel detached.

4- Practical issues like mechanical problems with my car, are no longer a reason to worry.

5- Money related worries no longer make my life painful. I attend to these things, but they do not make me suffer.

6- To be right, to win or lose a discussion or argument, has stopped being important to me. In fact, I do not like arguments anymore and avoid them, despite that in the past I was quite an argumentative person.

7- When I remember my own parents -- already gone -- I feel a new, sweet compassion for them.

In summary I would say that I am living my life with significantly less neurosis, greater humor and a valuable dosage of peace, a peace that I really needed.

I thank you for having had the love to communicate to me the Awakening. Thanks to this awakening to what I am really, I will leave this world being a better soul.

With love

Your mother



There is an old song with the line, "They say that breaking up is hard to do." Much like that old song, they also say that waking up is hard to do. I say - don't believe it! Though it is indeed hard to do, if you believe that it is. Like everything else we choose to do, intention is what guides our success. Gian honored my clear intention to awaken and has provided the framework to my awakening. In an hour and half phone call, he was able to show me that I already had the power to see beyond the illusions that cause pain. He was able to share the language that brought me to awareness. I am deeply grateful.

Gian's ability to convey an understanding of our function in the universe is unmatched, in my experience. He speaks with ease, humor and simplicity, and before you know it, you can see more clearly than ever before! Awakening is the only way to move past the burdens and challenges of our lives. If one can do it so easily, how can one resist?

~ Kathleen Farago May



Student Agreement

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If you have any additional question regarding this program leading to a Certification in Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in Non-Duality please feel free to write to us at Gian&&&@###BrainOptimization.com
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Teacher's Bio: Gian Girardi, founder of the Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute, was born in 1955 to an Italian/Spanish family in Chile. From early childhood he felt a great interest in science and later for the humanities, especially for spirituality and Awakening. At age 24, he graduated in engineering from the most prestigious University in Chile. After marrying Viviana their spiritual interests brought them to the US where Gian Paolo completed a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, and obtained a California State License to practice psychotherapy. He has accumulated extensive clinical experience, gained through twenty one years working as a psychotherapist, nutritional counselor, life coach, spiritual psychology counselor and teacher.

After a long, frustrating period of twenty four years practicing different yogas, he became interested in the highest form of Yoga -- the yoga of Wisdom. In India it is called Jnana Yoga or Advaita, and the main Advaita teachers have been Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj and others.

In the West, Advaita is known as Non-Duality, and due to its unparalleled effectiveness at triggering the Awakened state this approach is exploding. Zen also, in many respect is similar to Non-Duality.

In both, Zen and Advaita, the Awakening, or Enlightenment, is believed to occur as a result of the "direct transmission one on one." Books, videos, and audio recordings are extremely helpful, but eventually, this one on one interaction with the teacher, seems to be necessary in most cases. However, in the Non-Duality approach, and most especially in the West, the teacher-student relationship is quite informal and devoid of the heaviness and complications that often characterize the Guru-disciple relationship.

After Gian found the right path for him, Awakening came gradually, through a period of ten years. And again, towards the end, the interaction with an awakened teacher was necessary.

Because of Gian's long career as a counselor and teacher, it was all too natural to begin sharing with his students, friends and clients, his passion and insights into the awakened state, and he began teaching Non-Duality in 2007.

The realization came, that no service can be of higher value than helping others to wake-up, to their true Self. This has lead him to offer private sessions for those who yearn to find out what they really, really are.

Although every course and certification presented at BOI can be a catalyst for Awakening, if you feel the need for the "direct transmission one on one" consider scheduling a private session with Gian or taking this course with coaching sessions one-on-one.

As a teacher, he has been intensely focussed, and interested, in developing a language that works at transferring the Awakened State to his students. The one on one transmission is not done as most think; "by the touch of the teacher in the spiritual eye, or any similar approach." The transmission is through a conversation. Therefore, the language has to be extremely concrete, precise and effective at pointing to the True Self.


If you have any additional question regarding this program leading to a Certification in Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in Non-Duality please feel free to write to us at Gian&&&@###BrainOptimization.com
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The Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute offers classes, information and courses with certifications on drug free solutions to ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, substance abuse and other forms of brain / mental suffering and disorders. Certifications include Brain Optimization™ with Emphasis in Nutrition, Life/Wellness Coaching with Emphasis in Cognitive Psychology and Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in Non-Duality. The Brain Optimization Holistic Institute also offers The Brain Optimization Holistic Institute also offers a final "Master Certification in Holistic Life Coaching" for those who complete
the three certifications mentioned above.

BOHI has served and/or can serve students and clients located in cities as diversed as Glendale, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Studio City, San Fernando Valley, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Bel Air, Santa Monica, Laguna Beach, Irvine, Orange County, San Francisco and San Diego in California, New York, Kansas, Miami, North and South Carolina in the United States, London in England, Paris in France, Rome and Milan in Italy, Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, Santiago Chile, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Quito in Ecuador, Montreal, Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa, New Zealand, Hawaií, Kauai, Maui, Kenya, Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta in India, Hong Kong and Shanghai in China, Taipei in Taiwan.

All classes and one-on-one coaching sessions are presently presented by the
Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute's Founder Gian Girardi, MS, MA.