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Course Starts Wednesday July 8, 2013
How to Enroll Now

To all alumni and friends of the Brain Optimization Institute in regard to this year's (2013) four week tuition free course on Soul Psychology.

This course was presented for the first time as a Tuition Free Course, in four consecutive Wednesdays, during June and July 2012. It was very successful and therefore it will be presented again this year, Monday July 8, 2013.

Classes will begin at 7 PM and end at 10 PM with a 15 min brake. The course is applicable to BOI's 5-Month Certification in Spiritual Psychology with Emphasis in Non-Duality and to BOI's Holistic Life Master Certification.

The Power of Soul Psychology: "Soul Psychology is more powerful and effective than mainstream psychology by an order of magnitude.” What does this mean?

Translated into the field of counseling, the results of one session following the principles of Soul Psychology can accomplish as much as ten, or more sessions of regular mainstream psychology; and I am not exaggerating...

Through practicing psychotherapy and counseling for twenty years, I have found this to be true. Repeatedly, I have seen results with clients far faster, applying the principles of Soul Psychology over the application of conventional psychology.

Soul Psychology touches the root of what we are as human beings. However, to the day of today, the soul remains completely ignored by mainstream psychology and by the mainstream scientific approach.

Linear, conventional, psychology certainly has its value; but, to become a Counselor with success rates that are exceptional and far above average, I consider it indispensable to understand the psychology of the soul -- its goals, its agenda, its evolution and how the world it comes from is organized.

Once you get a taste for it, you will naturally apply this powerful perspective to your own life and to help others achieve happier more fulfilling lives.

By completing the Brain Optimization Institute's 4-Week Certification in Soul Psychology you will add this missing dimension to your own life, and if you have a natural talent for counseling, you will easily become a skillful Soul Psychology Counselor.

How to Join Us: The first class of this track will be presented Monday May 8, 2012. The class will start at 7 PM and end at 10 PM with a 20 min brake. You have nothing to loose and a lot to win. Just enroll and show-up for the first session; everyone is welcome. Registration (instructions below) takes five minutes, but it is necessary, so that we can send you the password for the video screen. The password will be sent to you via email a few days before the broadcast of the first class.

Participation from the Comfort of Your Home: You can participate from the comfort of your home, without waisting time, gasoline and money in commuting. Make sure you sit in a quiet room with your lap-top, close the door, have ready a delicious cup of tea and enjoy your class.

Continuing Your Education after Completion of the 4-Week Course on Soul Psychology: Every class you attend, and homework you complete in the 4-Week Course in Soul Psychology is applicable to BOIs highly regarded 5-Month Certification in Spiritual Psychology Counseling with Emphasis in Non-Duality (SPC-ND) which in turn is applicable to BOI's Holistic Life Mastery Certification.

The 5-Month Certification in SPC-ND is a significant step forwardspiritually as the purpose of the course is to Awaken the student, and prepare them to help others to awaken as well. If you are interested in Awakening, you may consider continuing your studies after completion of your course in Soul Psychology. During the course in Soul Psychology, you will be offered the necessary logistic information to enroll in SPC- ND, and continue your studies.

Logistics (1 to 4)

1- How to Enroll in the 4- Week Soul Psychology Course: Very easy! Just fiil-out BOI's online enrollment form -- it takes 3 to five minutes to complete (link below). We just made it even shorter. Make sure to indicate in the form that you are enrolling in the 4-Week Course in Soul Psychology. This step will also allow you to receive invitations to ALL our tuition free courses and lectures. Just follow this link: BOI online enrollment form

2- If You Want to Participate in Person: We have a few seats available in our broadcasting room in Glendale. Please give us a call to 310-455-6815

BOI students participating in-person            Dirk, BOI's Wizard of Technology
                                                                                   Computers and Videography

4- How to Participate Online: Participation online is easy and enjoyable. Just follow these 3 VERY, VERY simple steps:

a- Go to or click in this link and scroll down just a little, until you see the Brain Optimization Institute's logo.

b- Click on the logo -- it will bring you to a new page.

c- Scroll down a little You will be asked for the password. Enter the password that we will send you in advance. If we are broadcasting you will immediately get video and sound. It is that simple! We will start broadcasting the first class around 6:45 PM, PT.

If You Still Have Questions: Please call us at 310-455-6815

You can enroll online right now in 3 to 4 minutes:
BOI online enrollment form

All the best to you,

Gian Paolo Girardi, MS, MA
Brain Optimization Institute, Founder



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